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Kenneth Charles' LJ, please keep it anonymous, mention no names!
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Saturday, July 8th, 2006
10:30 pm
Skiing holiday (summary; was good)
Friday 30th: Went to grandparents with family for lunch, dropped at friends house in Canberra, borrowed a key of a neighbour. The father came home, the dog attacked me and tore my pants, and then my friends and their mother came home. We went out for Chinese dinner, where they knew the workers there, and that was good food! Went home, set alarm, read a bit of a book on Ancient Roman History, and went to sleep.

Saturday 1st: Up early (acclimatisation), finished the book from the previous night, went to feed the horses which were on a nearby farm. Some of them were recovering from injuries, and were very cute (though big and scary!). I held the halter of one of them, though earlier my friend's sister had *bitten* me. Strange...
I killed time at their house reading or chatting about chemicals with the father or something, then went shopping for food and my friend got a distinctive pink headband that was very useful for locating her later on that week. I talked skis with one of the merchants in that shop, it was very interesting stuff.
We walked to a friends house and watched half of Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey, and played chess and researched downloading Linux onto a dead badger. We had Nachos for dinner, discussed more chemistry, and went to bed.

Sunday 2nd:
Up early, packed, ate breakfast, got in the car, went to dress the horsie's leg, drove to Jindabyne, discussed some funny stuff. Ate some hot chocolate, hired gear from the Station, got dressed. I picked up some performance skis from Bullock's Flat, which are well worth the extra cost. We went straight up to Blue Cow, where we warmed up by skiing Zalis and accelerator. There was particularly poor visibility, but we bumped into the Bennett's family, some friends from school. I fell over while standing still in a lift queue, which is always the most embarrassing (and hardly the last time I did it.
My ski legs returned surprisingly quickly, and we went down to Front Valley to meet my friend's friend, who was NOT a good skier, sadly. We caught two buses back to The Station (where we were staying), and picked up a bunch of PLC croyden girls whose bus had broken down. We watched Fawlty Towers, and ate gnocci for dinner, which was very nice. My friend snored very loudly sometimes, although I got used to it as the week went on.
We went up to the bar, played a game of pool where I managed to sink the white while on the black with four balls up my sleeve. I listened to some music and went to sleep.

Monday 3rd:
Up at 6:30. My friend has a habit of setting the alarm 20 minutes early than necessary then snoozing, which was only slightly annoying. Breakfast, slow bus to the tube, took the wrong skis (by accident), same boot size though so didn't notice. Sadly they weren't tuned...
We went to Blue Cow, did accelerator basically all day, ate lots of chocolate, and lunch at the bistro, and lots of skiing. I fell five times, effectively backflipping when the back edge (unsharpened) gave way on the moguls! I bumped into more friends and old school associates, one of whose friends gave us a free lesson in which we perfected accelerating style, linking turns, sideslipping, and aerial technique. He was very very very good at skiing.
Bus back to the Station, collected my skis, swapping them back with the person I'd confused them with. He was an absolute beginner, and blamed them for being too fast. Dinner was curry, which was very nice. Sarah did some maths study, I went for a stroll in the moonlit paddock, then sleep!

Tuesday 4th:
Woke up, got ready, got my skis reset for my boots and binding release settings. I had '6', and they never came out (despite a few knee twanging crashes!)
Took a bus to the tube, the snow was icy but fast! Very fine weather so I took some photos and videos of skiing. I skied down Brumbies, which was closed, bus nice smooth crusty snow. Sadly it was not complete cover at the bottom, and I had to walk rather than traverse out... I skied on a road at one point with 2cm of snow, so it was rather rocky, and scratched the skis rather badly. I skied accelerator some more, then hiked to the top of Mt Blue Cow, which was hard work, but excellent view. I ate some ice off an old trig station at the top.
I skied Side Saddle as well, which was also closed, but had nice smooth snow, and lots of exposed rocks, which had to be dodged, or, in one case, crashed into.
Ate some lunch, my friend shared some of my chocolate before she told me, but no biggy.
I traversed across to perisher from Blue Cow, which was about
30 vertical metres uphill. The snow was thin and cruddy, that's why it wasn't open. I skied down a very mushy Happy Valley, with an endless lift queue, so attempted to traverse to Front Valley, which was hard work (since my map is a little inaccurate). I took a few tucks down Front Valley, then took the bus down to the Station. A bus had run off the road on the way, rolling over a big rock.
We had crisped quish for dinner, and my friend's sister was due to arrive the following day, as our room was big enough for six, and us two bounced around inside it like a fart in a telephone box.
I went for a walk to the kitchen to buy some milk, but forgot to wear anything on my feet. My feet got a bit cold. But at least they got some air, and I got some milk. How strange.

Wednesday 5th:
Went up to the mountain alone, joined by friends and sisters later in the day. I commented that the lift queue on the bunny slope was enormous, and that accelerator was fantastically dangerous that morning, and my friend's sister decided to try it out. Sadly she couldn't (at that stage) manage more than a straight snow plough. Which isn't too bad for the third run in 4 years or something, but how was I to know. My friend saw us from the chairlift and blamed me (I'm such a culpable person)...
The snow was nice at first, then got mushy and unforgiving and bumpy and exposed boulders and icey patches and frozen corpses and snowboarders, what fun. Luckily, the more suicidal the conditions became, the shorter the lift queues.
The moguls were so big they gave birth to smaller sub moguls which were themselves subdividing.
I went back to perisher and walked to the Eiger and payed my respects to the propriators Gil and Uwe, who recently installed wireless internet, among other things!
My hands got rather cold, because I wasn't wearing any gloves. I bought 12 mini donuts, but as per my previous memories they were greasy and not very nice. At this stage I developed a blister on my right little toe from boot pressure, however numbness prevented debilitating pain over the next few days. Back to the Station and lots of boring prole-feed TV and of course, Origin. I had some odd dreams, and a few more of my friends friends arrived at about 1:30 that morning.

Thursday 6th:
Up at the normal time, went to the snow. About one inch of fresh powder had fallen over night, so the first run down the groomed powdered slopes of accelerator was more or less orgasmic, as well as taking about a minute and a half (which is rather long, if you think about it...)
The snowing stopped, I took some more photos of that run, and skied Side Saddle a few more times, although I tweaked my knee in one fall and fell through the crust up to my thighs in another one...
Accelerator as usual developed bumps, barepatches, mush, ice, punters, etc. I went to the bunny run and perfected my backwards technique, then honed my mogul technique again on the main slope, until my legs would carry me no further.
On the way back I noticed that the crashed bus had been removed, which is a shame as it served as a good warning.
Back at the Station I awaited the return of friends with their friends, and contemplated what I had achieved and what I had yet to achieve. I then found out that they'd organised a lift for night skiing, as we had previously discussed, but had not felt obliged to inform me of this good fortune. So I stopped waiting for dinner, then hiked into Jindabyne. It took about 50 minutes (5km), and each oncoming car's headlights was a 'glory' in the steam I blew out of my mouth, which was rather cool. In Jindabyne I caught up with a whole bunch of old school people and made arrangements to see them the following day. I then walked to the movie cinema, however I missed the last screening of Pirates of the Carribean, so I took a taxi back to the Station, arriving at about 10pm. My friend's sister arrived back at about 3am. I don't know what she was doing.

Friday 7th:
Got up early, packed, put bag in room, skied accelerator all day (for a change), except for a quick detour to Front Valley. I didn't see any of the school people. The resort ran snow making all day, which was deafeningly loud, and didn't really save the ice. However, as the sun was setting it shone through the trees and into the ice crystals, so that when they didn't freeze onto the face mask there was this gorgeous light effect!
The snow was icy and bumpy, for a change. Good adrenaline rushes.
I chatted with some funny people on the skitube from North Queensland, and then my friends had some pizza. We waited for the bus, and I was entirely ignored. Luckily their parents were still rational, proving I wasn't entirely paranoid. Just a bit.
We narrowly avoided two roos on the way home. We went out and bought some pesto for dinner, and discussed student politics at uni, micronesian history and agricultural development. Went to bed.

Saturday 8th:
Woke up, went to the Jollimont centre, bought a ticket for a 2pm bus but managed to get on a 9am one. Surprised my dad, who wasn't expecting me home until tomorrow. Unpacked, loads of washing.
This afternoon I saw "Ten Canoes", which was a good movie.
Sunday, June 11th, 2006
12:00 am
Interesting lives
Even if I have a life which is much more interesting than anyone else who reads this (and I suspect the paucity of comments would contradict that), or if I have a life which is so much more boring, the same applies.
Either way, I think that ljing about personal events distracts from the primary cause of life, which is to live it. THUS, I shall no more make posts of events in my varied and interesting life, because I think that my few readers should, instead of immersing themselves in my stories, go out and learn about life for themselves! Have their own interesting lives.
Sunday, June 4th, 2006
8:50 pm
Crazy Week 1
Thursday: Physics Speech on "Fourier analysis of sound clips".
Friday: Jazz Dinner Dance, winds up at 4am. Good night.
Saturday: Various assignments followed by SUMS Ball, winds up at about 1am. Good night also.
Sunday: College Choir Rehearsal, preceeded by various songs and followed by more piano singing.
Monday: Maths tutorial quiz, Physics Matlab exam, Elijah full Dress rehearsal. Elijah is a 3 hour oratorio we did in SUMS.
Tuesday: Brass Quintet, Jazz A Capella, Madrigals, College Choir, with some dinner in between. Got a Distinction with 72% for a Latin Assignment.
Wednesday: Assignments and washing! SUMS Elijah opening night, followed by drinks at the Lansdowne, winds up at 1am. I learnt a very good thing from our conductor, who was about to retire about the difference between a good singer and a person with a good voice.
Thursday: Project Poster Presentation, College Choir concert, Post concert drinks at Choir Master's flat, played interesting and highly amusing games, kicked on to the common room and played on piano with a few others until 2am. Realised I had an assessment, went to bed.
Friday: Up at 7:15am, as at every morning, maths, chemistry, then chemistry titration assessment. I think I was tired enough to find titration interesting, and managed to hold 5 sig. figs. throughout (by counting half drops), with a standard deviation in titres of 0. Reassuring, perhaps. Latin Assignment and 500 late into the night.
Saturday: Maths tutes and assignments, latin essay work, finishing off... SUMS Elijah final night. Parents came along, and were impressed. I was impressed. I sang bass in this concert, and second alto at one point. Then the PCP at the Lansdowne, where cake, an Elijah encore, more singing, more singing, massages, chats, tickle contests, and wierding out contests went on. Would you believe there were some people as strange (almost) as me?
Finished about 3am.
Sunday: Up, breakfast, depart to Kirribilli for Latin Reading Coaching, got a bottle of wine. Highly useful, as I don't drink, but I'm sure it will come in handy. Finished there, travelled to Maroubra for coaching. Left that pronto to catch (but miss) bus. Walked to Anzac Parade, waited there, who should turn up but a few friends I was about to travel into the city to meet. The bf lives about 2 houses down from where I tutor. Wacky!
Found the city, found other people, went to watch Warren Miller's "Higher Ground". Totally awesome, went for kebabs, and came home.

The week ahead:
Monday: Hand in Latin Essay, Brass Quintet.
Tuesday: Maths assignment due, Latin reading test, Maths class meeting 1-2, Jazz A Capella 2-4, Union debate 3-4, Madrigals 4-7, Muse General Meeting 5-7, College choir/dinner 5:40-8:30. Must clone self.
Wednesday: Chem Quiz, Madrigals concert, and Chem Education interview.
Thursday: Die, come back to life.
Friday: Latin Reading comp, Physics assignment due.
Saturday: Friend's birthday.
Sunday: Father's Birthday.

Monday, May 1st, 2006
10:29 pm
Day 15 and what happened afterwards
Alarm at 7:30am. Alex: “FUCK”. I dozed.
Ten minutes later I got bolt upright, had a shower, washed my hair twice, and even changed my shorts! I got dressed, ironed some of my gear (a good ironing job!) I returned back with Tiempo de Physica papers for the others (newspapers), and helped wake up some of the others. A fairly generic breakfast plus a bit of croissant. By this time the rolls and bread, unchanged since before our arrival, were becoming a bit stale.
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Sunday, April 30th, 2006
10:12 am
Day 14
Up at 7:30am. My eyes would barely open! Maybe the muscles had atrophied from too many matchsticks. Who knows?
Breakfast, ironed my shirt, got dressed, and boarded the bus only 25 minutes later than scheduled.
I snoozed on the bus (catching up on sleep). By this stage, I had essentially given up on Philosophy… I had the residential in 6 days! It turned out I wasn’t the only one, though I did catch up the readings later.
We eventually arrived at Cuidad Rodrigo, a heavily fortified town dating from the days of war with Portugal. We walked down the main street with our group, then carefully went AWOL as a team around the city walls, in order to avoid the whole crowd thing.
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Saturday, April 29th, 2006
10:57 pm
Day 13
Up at 8am, as usual, and with a record 5.5 hours of sleep, I was happier than ever. Nothing like endorphins and adrenaline to get you going. The usual sugary breakfast, and then to the bus for the obligatory day tour. The fun really began after 8pm!
I was fairly alert on the bus until I tried to read my philosophy notes, at which point I lasted a record 1 page before I passed out, head lolling, tongue flapping for a few millennia, until the bus arrived in Bejar. I wasn’t sleepy, NOOO! See, I can prop my eyes open with matchsticks (which does actually work, except for the splinters).
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Thursday, April 27th, 2006
12:09 am
Day 12
Got up at 8am this morning, and I was very tired, surprisingly enough. Luckily the breakfast queue was, by this time, very short.
At breakfast, I climbed out a window to grab a playing card that had fallen. The coolness of the manoeuvre was betrayed when I banged my head getting back in, but hey, that’s ok, I’d already finished the exams.
Eventually we boarded a bus, and had a dozy trip to a Technology Park, where we were shown the investor’s slide show, showcasing their fantastic growth to three decimal places. Fascinating, but I’d rather see cars being mulched up or rats being poisoned or something.
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Tuesday, April 25th, 2006
9:40 pm
Day 11
This morning, we got up at the usual 7:30am, dressed, headed off to breakfast, where there was only a short queue. Ever heard of staggering? Hmmm.
We all migrated to the buses, and headed off to a multipurpose hall in the town centre where the lab exam would be held. When we were waiting out the front, Alex found a floor tile that was a bit rocky, so he surfed it. Really cool, until it broke in half!
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Sunday, April 23rd, 2006
12:12 pm
Day 10
Up at 7:30am as promised. Tired as all hell. Such is life! Got dressed, lined up for breakfast. Didn’t care, because I could doze briefly in the queue.
Boarded the bus for Sergovia. A two and a half hour trip with escort. I listened to music, slept (a lot), and watched the plain meld into the hills. The pre-empted a later life-style. When the exams were over, we often slept only a few hours each night, and made up the difference by sleeping on the bus the next day!
We arrived in Sergovia, where a new Cathedral had been built to replace the old one destroyed by Charles the First in the Sixteenth Century when the commoners had a power struggle in the region against the ruling aristocracy and their misuse of power.
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Saturday, April 22nd, 2006
5:16 pm
My Easter Holidays
This is the only thing worth blogging about, so as far as anyone's concerned, nothing happened last term!!!
Good Friday was slow and boring, it took a while for the hols to get going.
Saturday I went skating with a few friends at the Sydney Ice Arena, a VERY good ice rink! Following a few hours of effortless gliding and constant turning of corners (since length is run out of...) I was dropped by my bro (who can drive, where as I can't) at Beecroft Station, whence I took a train to Woywoy where my grandparents picked me up.
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2:34 pm
Day 9
This morning we woke up at about 7am, which turned out to be about an hour early!
We dressed, then lined up forever for breakfast. Lots of sugary cereal and a roll (then fresh). Yum.
We waited around, and then went off the to Law School for our theoretical examination. A pushover of an exam, with only three questions to be completed in five hours! It wasn’t a long walk from the college, and all the contestants walked in, heaps and heaps of them. We were put in various lecture theatres to complete it. I was so unbelievably focused I inadvertently scratched my initials in the bench in front of me by pure willpower alone. Like, frickin’ laser beams coming out of my eyes! Ow.
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Sunday, April 16th, 2006
6:28 pm
Day 8
Today the alarm woke me up at 7:30am, so I got dressed up in my uniform, and then found out we didn’t need to wear it for another few hours. I also misplaced my blazer somewhere, but luckily I found it again…
Then the fun associated with waiting a LONG time for breakfast. Total bedlam. I got dressed again (added in tie and a few other bits and pieces), grabbed my camera/barbell, and waited around sweltering in the heat and throwing hacky sacks at each other until a receptionist got upset and asked us (in no uncertain terms) to move on. Outside was MUCH cooler, in more ways than one.
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Friday, April 14th, 2006
10:33 am
Day 7
Today I was woken abominably early by Alex’s alarm – in the next room! Woke up, got changed, packed my hand luggage (all the stuff that didn’t fit in my case!). It weighed only about 20kg by itself!
We climbed down the stairs, found the breakfast room, ate some toast, cereal, water, milk, etc etc. Thoroughly sated we dragged ourselves back up the ornate stairs to get our luggage. Or maybe we used the lift…
Once down in the lobby with all the luggage I remembered just in time that I’d left my soap out on the veranda.
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Thursday, April 13th, 2006
10:06 pm
Day 6 Saturday 2/7/2005
This morning I got up just in time, pulled some clothes on, pulled some clothes off the veranda, which was still a cool 35 degrees or so, and headed down for breakfast.
At breakfast we sat towards one edge and admired the décor, and the cuisine. I think I ate about 8 bowls of cornflakes. How marvellous it is to experience a new culture!
This will take some time to write!
We eventually met in the lobby, where Rachel and I tried hard to convince everyone to catch a bus to an indoor skiing place an hour away down south. We were less than successful. Instead we cruised through souvenir shops where all my companions indulged their generous spending allowance and I counted my handful of coins again and again and again. I bought a few bits and pieces for people back home.
We eventually progressed under a few highways and found a rather imposing palace and its smallish front yard. A series of hedges, statues and fountains covering an area about the size of Canberra. Including Queanbeyan.
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Tuesday, April 11th, 2006
2:25 pm
Day 5
This morning I slept in enough that the alarm woke me up - maybe walking
all over the whole frickin' city made me tired enough to sleep, maybe
the levels of adrenaline abated slightly, who knows?
Anyway, the familiar beepitibeep beep beep BEEP roused me from my
heavenly slumber, I sat up, and percieved that all was good, and David
was still horizontal. As usual.
I treated myself to the now familiarly exotic breakfast of capsicum,
butter chilled on ice, pumpinikel (sp?) bread and severly diluted milk.
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Monday, April 10th, 2006
5:54 pm
Day 4
This morning I got up at 6:10am, which was far too early. I got dressed
and left before David even began to think about stirring, and walked to
the post box, where I posted 2 post cards. The post boxed in Vienna are
yellow, smaller than Sydney's and have these little yellow metal flaps
to prevent pulling stuff back out - like Sydney's ones, but a different
system. Needless to say, it works well - I tried.
Then I walked around the corner seeking a bookshop where I could buy a
large colour book of cathedrals and things for my poor travel deprived
But it was still 6:30am, and funnily enough, it wasn't open, and didn't
look very interesting anyway.
I walked back around the block, finding yet another highly ornate local
church, and an attractive pizzaria, which I never ate anything at.
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Sunday, April 9th, 2006
11:51 am
Day 3
Still jetlagged, I woke up at about 5:30am this morning. Clearly I
wasn't being worked hard enough, but Kate forgot to bring her wacking
stick, so instead we were confined to mere mortal pursuits.
So I got dressed, took my written post cards, traversed wildly looking
for a post box, found one about twenty metres and fifteen alleys away
from the hotel, checked up and down the street, and covertly posted some
post cards, which surprisingly, got home well before I did.
Such a successful adventure encouraged me to try and ring home (early
morning or late at night being the only viable times). To dial in, I
needed 35 digits! But in Austria, international phonecalls are
relatively cheap (compared to spain, which cost me about 15 dollars for
a 100 second phone call!). Here a 10 Euro card had potentially 45
minutes of speaking time, though I suppose about 20 seconds per
phonecall was enough. "Hi Marcus (ma bro) tell mum I'm fine and not to
worry, the streets are safe here and the drugs are pure." Or something
like that.
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Saturday, April 8th, 2006
2:09 pm
Day 2
Here I woke up at 5:30am with the sun, probably readjusting to the time
zone, I become more sensitive to external light. I remember when I came
back from America (the year before) my brother took great pleasure in
making me feel ill by pointing out how light/dark it was outside...
upsetting my fragile disposition. New paragraph!

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Friday, April 7th, 2006
3:40 pm
Back due to Popular demand
Nothing contextualised has happened worth reporting at uni. I'm at uni, all is well. In fact, uni is fantastic. So I'll serialise an account of the olympiad program I took part in midway through last year. It was a fantastic experience and I owe a huge debt of gratitude to all those involved. Just being in it was the biggest ticket into uni, bigger than all the others put together!!!

Here begins the ego-centric and eccentric account of Casey Handmer.
On Wednesday afternoon, we all convened at the big frog at Sydney
airport, surrounded by bulging luggage that would come to haunt us over
the next few weeks. Additionally, several incomplete passport forms, a
few extra shirts, and so forth were waiting to be dealt with.
Some of my school friends turned up, on their way to France for a French
speaking brushup those holidays. Life is tough.
As if to compensate for the immense speed with which we would soon cross
the globe, time moved uncompromisingly slowly.
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Monday, March 6th, 2006
1:53 pm
Bright College Days
Disclaimer: Despite my professions to the contrary, it is quite possible my observation/recollection has been substantially befuddled by sleep deprivation, and thus none of the details here recounted can be relied upon to have any factual basis whatsoever. Other than that, enjoy!

Bright College Days

Day 1
We started at the pub by 4pm. By 6pm, everyone had had quite a few drinks (free, you see). Formal dinner at 7pm, by which stage some people were far gone, one person passed out during dinner, but reawoke later to go out to ‘the grose’. After dinner parents and sons went back down to the Salisbury and had a bit more, presumably to make the parents feel like topping up the tab is a GOOD THING. Chances. Parents left, everyone called inside for a video on defending the cup, lots of beer, explanations of ‘no skulling, but toast the college as much as you like, and if you sip the whole thing, who cares?’ One boy’s older sister was at Women’s, and he was made to skull five before he gave his name, where he’s from, and THREE words about himself. Number 2 was also named, as they handed out a good variety of names/nicknames to all of us, such as ‘HIV+’, ‘Whinnups’ and ‘Sloppy Tampon’. We went through about 7 kegs between the 50 of us.
Eventually everyone left to go to ‘the grose’, however one man was left behind because he didn’t realise where everyone had gone.

Day 2
Avoid hangovers, stay drunk. At 7:30 the next morning we had champagne breakfast with the women’s girls, meeting a few, chatting a bit, etc etc. During the breakfast, we were meant to have a drug and alcohol counselling type talk, but it didn’t eventuate. Funnily enough. Instead, they handed out a variety of prizes for the best performances the night before, the boy who passed out got ‘goose’, the person who flirted most outrageously got ‘maverick’, etc etc. After this we repaired to the main hall for a welcome by the chancellor, which wasn’t very interesting, the head of the union recycled the exact same speech used by the sub warden the night before at college. Then we perused clubs and societies. I joined about 11, which should be great fun. They are Debating, Scisoc, Madrigals, Social Skiers, Sydney University Musical Society, Musical Theatre Ensemble, Rocketsoc, Let’s go, Sydney University Recreational and clowning around society (SURCAS), Jazz soc, Gaius Gracchus, and the Science Review society, in which I also bought a tie-died lab coat… but they could have done with some practise, I think. Following this was a beach party on the St John’s lawn, where a pool, a volleyball net, music, barbeque, large volumes of drink, and a large plastic slippery dip had been set up, the modus opperandi of which is as follows. Two competitors would race in a beer bong, then take off and run down the slide, falling to their fronts at an appropriate interval, sliding to the bottom of the hill. The side of the plastic was held in place with bricks, which were hit occasionally, but luckily NOT by the few men who decided to attempt the run nude in order to further reduce friction.
I left the throng to attend a speech on the TSP, which told me nothing I didn’t already know, but maybe that was because I was about 20 minutes late.
Following this we re-met back at Paul’s where everyone performed a few laybacks with goon, were put into groups of about 4 boys and 8 girls, tied by the hands, and sent off on an obstacle course, which involved us wearing as little as possible, performing some bizarre sex position on the Manning steps, yelling and screaming on the Wentworth bridge, catching a bus down the road to Paul’s, getting off at the oval, taking still more clothes off, running around the field (still tied up) doing somersaults and wheels and human pyramids and stuff, trying to sing at great volume. We won, by one point, but apparently, since we’re all freshers, we’re all losers.
Following this we came for dinner all dressed in our ‘emergency services gear’, which I then realised was something like policeman, fireman, ambulance, whatever. I had a lifejacket on, to prevent myself from drowning. Following dinner, we caught buses (on which some wacko told me ‘don’t go to Drummoyne on Saturday afternoon’, and ‘We won the America’s Cup by cutting the opera house from its moorings’) to ‘the paragon’ for preliminary charging. Then we went to the wharf at the opera house on Farm Cove for the ultimate booze cruise, a three story boat with dance floor, bar with very watered down wine (though at least one person still got totally sloshed), and an upper level which was a bit windy. Seagulls chased the boat, leading to races between them, I met many interesting people, and generally chilled for a few hours. After that we all caught a bus to ‘the empire’, where I surprised many people by taking a drink from the bar, containing nothing but ICE. (Which I then crunched in time with the music, of course.)
After a while a few boys had had enough, so we caught a cab with a totally nuts driver and repaired to our rooms, where, after an appropriate interval, we fell asleep.

Day 3
The shower next to my room has a very squeaky washer, so I was awoken at 8am…
I did something on the computer, like answer emails or bash with the network or something until 8:30ish, when I pulled on my iridescent blue evening dress thingo and headed off to champagne PJ breakfast. This puts most trash literature to shame!
Following that we had a talk on drugs/alcohol, and the college network. Good stuff, plenty of stories to go ‘round. Then we repaired to the Salisbury where we got a talk on the role of the College informal, which hopefully I can sell MANY tickets for.
Lunch, then a short walk in 70’s bowling gear to the lawn bowls where we gave the manager high blood pressure and played a few ends of the whole thingo. There was a girl in a cardboard box for NOT wearing her shirt. They must be getting pretty festy by now. Plenty of boozing all around.
Following this, gowns for intercol drinks at Sancta, where I collected a sausage roll, a mobile phone (which I later attempted to sell back to the owner, who happens to be a senior student leader…), and some ID of a Sancta leader… w00t!!! Just sitting there on the ground! It poured with rain, people lost stuff, people lost people, stuff lost stuff.
That sort of thing. We had dinner and changed into our tight and white gear for the foam party. After dinner in the JCR we played a bit of piano all around, the piano had a screwed sustain pedal, but much clearer action than the 120 year old dinosaur at home.
The foam party was … like a lacuna. Which I’m sure will be in the memory of people tomorrow. Water, foam, wet, loud music, copious booze, dancing on barrels and tables, semi-dodgy games, ‘getting loose’, copious demonstrations of opportunism, insane dancing, bacchic bucolics, you name it, it was there. Candles that blew out, black lights, topless people.
It’s quite funny actually. For the first hour, everyone is desperately cold, since they NEED alcohol to be sociable. For the next hour, everyone is friendly and amicable, and beyond that it begins to get ugly…
As a non-drinker, I see these things evolve before me like a really odd dream, in tableaux fashion. I take note of everything, then, the next morning, I tell everyone vastly exaggerated tales of what happened the night before (I need 12 hours to actually THINK of something more hyperbolic than the previous night’s events). It becomes like a telling of ‘the aristocrats’ (which I did tell to a very curious and thus punished person), in that “x was with y, then y with z, then x with z, and then xyz in position a, b, c, and I think also d. Then p came along, and then things got interesting. Etc etc etc." These things go on and on. With about 200 people present, simple algebra shows that if each combination takes a mere second to describe (usually more like five), the retelling can take substantially longer than the actual events.
I seem to remember one of the highlights was some of the student leaders reprising their slow strip/gogo dancing in twos or threes on top of a barrel in the beer garden, surrounded by ludicrously Dionysian bacchantes screaming encouragement and lobbing water at them and their clothes into the distance, people sponging drink spill runoff on and off each other, often at an alarming frequency. Wet tight and white clothes soon offer little protection against either cold or impingent light, so much fun was had by all.
I bailed out when things were getting a bit sloppy, as it was. I had had cold, warm, hot water and cold slush poured on me, so I enjoyed my shower. I sat outside offering moral and rather… pragmatic support to those people who had lost their purse, their ID, their dinner, their self respect. That is the wowser’s kickback! It’s ok, since noone will remember anyway, but it sounds sensible. I chatted to various people (none of whose names I can remember, except those that helpfully wore name tags, which I can’t remember ANYWAY). It’s not just that they all look young and pretty and similar, all the names sound young and pretty and similar too, so I’m kinda doomed as far as things there go. Then I retired to my room after a decent interval of shivering from cold and chatting to various masters alternately, followed by a shower, and, with any luck, glorious sleep!

Day 4
This was a bit of a pullback from previous days, starting with putting the sneakers through the drier after the previous night’s wetness! Nothing ridiculously ridiculous happened until about lunchtime, where we met people from similar faculties around the place. Good effort! I went to Wesley, then women’s finally, where I found about one girl who screwed her foot up falling off a bar (but she was in good enough spirits tonight, nothing like Codiene!), and a few others, who I chatted to in a rather tired fashion.
Following that everyone else departed for the scavenger hunt wearing boardies, thongs, and aca gowns, to attempt to get naked somewhere. Much as I would love to have frigged around, I then proceeded to catch a bus to debating at school, where I met a fellow coach on the bus! Got there on time, met the lackeys, taught them about education, then went to Grammar for ISDA, filling in for Johnny who was on the cruise. Yeah. They lost, but the firsts won, which was good. Dropped fellow coach off, dropped me off, change to toga (well hung, naturally), to the party! Pretty similar to the night before, only a few people got totally naked this time by about 10pm, which then progressed as could be imagined. Herded inside at an appropriate time, I chatted with a few semi-familiar people, including a pair of girls who decided to then proceed to The Cross wearing their wet bed sheets… odd!
This went on, practically everyone hooked up, only a few people got totally drunk off their face. Whatsis from the night before came over and had a brief chat, then went home. Some dude bitched that his girl had run away, thus spoiling the mood. Chatted with various people, and then retired. Not quite the same as the night before. I did arrive quite late, so wasn’t able to fudge the transition from boringness to acted exuberance quite fast enough! But you know, I did my best. I need to put a load of washing through tomorrow!

Day 5
Was about as interesting as a load of washing, that occurred early on in the day. I went to work, picked up some stuff from home, and otherwise arrived back on campus at about 10:30pm, by which time the party at Manning Bar, had it ever had some life, had winked out. Fancy making people pay for drinks. The lack of leaders providing a good example had its effects too, no doubt. Sticky dance floor, extremely loud music. I found chatting to security more interesting.
Retired to college after watching no shortage of ‘fallen angels’ and ‘aspiring demons’, including one girl who could have done with a LOT more food, chatted to Sub Warden and another chap (head of SRC) for a while, learnt about damage to watermains, etc etc, collected said washing, fought ongoing battle with computer, and hit the sack. Still crushing mosquitos by the bucket load. I should start collecting them.

Day 6
Started nice and bright and early with breakfast and then in the inaugural Fresher Chapel Service, which was lots of fun. Naturally. Following this morning tea, quad cricket (with some absurd line drives) and Croquet, followed by the wine cellar luncheon, in which the quality of wine was not that impressive to those not already inebriated, ie, myself.
Following that I departed for a few hours to coach physics, and joined a footy match at the end, then went to dinner, which was rice, bread, chicken, and random flavour spread over. More wrestling with the computer system (does it NEVER end?), and then a chapel choir rehearsal in which I sang tenor, lots of fun. Julian was there, and Druers played the organ, learnt some more stuff, sung a capella, which is always fun. I made heaps of mistakes, but that’s ok. Voice not 100%, but acceptable.
After that Jazz and Jugs and Jugs at the Salisbury, in which some of the better players jammed it to bits including Julian, of course. All the usual death-defyingly pretty girls were in attendance, including one who wasn’t actually drinking. I orbited for a while, meeting all the non-freshers, including some familiar faces, testing those vocal folds over the music, before making my exit, grabbing the piano books and giving the JCR hulk a reconciliatory bash. One final orbit, concluding nothing was left, deftly sidestepped an invite to visit some dodgy strip club at The Cross (what would I see new anyway?) and retired. It’s still just before midnight. I'd imagine I'm in a hurry to get my Ps now.
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